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Siberian Alpha Series Cooler Review

Siberian Alpha Series Cooler Review

The high-performance cooler industry is expanding and bringing newcomers into the market. One of the rising stars are the Siberian Coolers. First launched in 2015 out of Bozeman, Montana, the designers of the company have upgraded their cooler line taking the advice from experts and customers alike. They have unveiled their Alpha Series Cooler line-up and have been getting positive recognition for their improvements. Let’s walk through each part of this cooler and break it down!


Outer Shell:

The Alpha Series uses the tried and true method of the rotomolded polyethylene plastic. Fewer pieces mean less chance of breakage. The robust design is another reason why they stand by their product with their Limited Lifetime Warranty. It will take nothing short of semi driving and dragged this cooler for it take on any significant damage. Consider this thing bulletproof (don’t recommend shooting at it though).


Injected with up to  2.75” of insulation the Alpha Series has plenty of foam to absorb the coldness and keep whats being inside cold.

Hinge System:

The connection between the lid and the body are via the stainless steel hinge pin. The stainless steel is barely exposed and protected from lid and body from outside exposure. Being stainless steel and lack of exposure to the elements will keep you opening and closing this cooler smoothly for years to come.

Latch System:

Completely redesigned, the Alpha Series latch system no longer sticks out from the exterior of the cooler. Hearing about the complaints of snagging issues, Siberian’s design team decided to go with a recessed latch. Boy, are we glad that they did! Because they care about durability, they also slapped on a military grade anodized latch to help resist corrosion from exposure to salt water. Huge thumbs up on this design improvement.


Loading and unloading can be sometimes a pain. The Alpha Series coolers try to alleviate this by giving you the option to swap the feet from grippy to slippy. You have to use a socket wrench to remove and place back on. While we like the idea, I can see the added effort playing a big factor in actually putting this into action.


The Sidekick 22 has a nice neoprene grip handle that makes bringing the cooler around with you effortless. The 45, 65, and 85 QT all come with a nylon attachment with a neoprene handle. While the smaller the cooler the easier it is, the handles do a decent job of making the larger coolers easy to handle. Also, when taking it farther than just a few hundred feet, it sure is nice to grip the neoprene handles.


All of the Alpha series coolers come equipped with a twist/screw drain plug. If the cooler is filled with water this may pose some difficulty to avoid getting wet. Also, we recommend possibly purchasing a chain that will connect the plug to the cooler so you aren’t wondering where you put it down.


As with most of these high-performance coolers, there is a gasket on the lid that keeps an airtight seal of the contents of the cooler.


The one noticeable difference between the Alpha Series and other high-performance coolers is the weight. The Alpha Series coolers are around 15% heavier than Yeti’s that are the same size. While this isn’t a noticeable difference, it can make it more difficult for users who might have trouble with the heavier coolers. In that case, we would recommend grabbing a wagon/cart to help transport the cooler to and from to help get the cooler where you want it to be.


Ice retention


Based on numerous reviews and independent studies, the Alpha series has met the test and often times exceeded expectations with its ice retention. The Alpha 85 actually lasted 8 days in this independent study! Quite impressive! Compared to Yeti and other big names, Siberian certainly meets the standard and pushes the bar even higher.


These coolers are made to withstand just about any type of damage. UV resistant and Grizzly Bear certified the Alpha series is ready to stand up to natures worst. Rotomolded coolers are built to not only keep ice, ice longer but can be tough as nails. Siberian coolers certainly do just that!


Siberian covers their coolers with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This won’t cover wear and tear but if you find yourself with a cracked cooler, Siberian has your back. Huge value long term with a warranty like this!


First and foremost, the Siberian Coolers are atheistically pleasing. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can test the heck out it! Looking deep into how the cooler is made, there are no major design flaws. The cooler is a tank! The Siberian Alpha Series improved on its previous coolers flaws and came out with a cooler that is sure to turn some heads. These coolers are built to last and can keep ice cold longer than the industry standard. Being less expensive than other big names, the Siberian coolers are a huge value buy at a reasonable price point.

We are huge fans of Siberian and are excited to see what they have in their bright future ahead!


  • Coolers Co. Staff